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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“I have been truly Blessed with wonderful healers and graceful generosity on my journey. I am honoured and humbled to be of service from a place of highest heart gratitude.”


I personally welcome you to come and experience The Bodhi Tree located in tranquil Port Stanley, Ontario.

I am a trained Reiki Master, certified as a practitioner, teacher and coach.

With my qualifications I offer Reiki Treatments, level 1-3 Reiki Classes and Reiki Masters Spiritual Life Coaching, Meditation Classes and Zenith Omega Clearings.

The Bodhi Tree store itself offers my customers both a unique in person and on-line shopping experience. From beautiful flowing cotton clothing to spiritually inspiring pendants, rings and other healing items you will find everything you need.


So come and experience the many ways to lift your heart and raise your spiritual and inner happiness and overall peace of mind.


Highest heart gratitude




Step into a beautiful world full of wonder, positive spiritual energy and experience

first-hand the inspiring sights, sounds, fragrances and guidance that only The Bodhi Tree can offer.


Nestled within the quaint village of Port Stanley ON., The Bodhi Tree offers unique comfortable clothing, jewelry and a wide range of inspirational and spiritual products and services.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, but more importantly, a time to slow down, contemplate about settling into ourselves and to taking stock of how we feel spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Our bodies and minds are wonderful lines of communication so we need to be kind to them. We need to carefully listen to them for subtle changes, stress related signals and to being able to engage in the ability of peaceful meditation, reflection - but most importantly, to give thought to the very essence of just who we are and to being able to know what brings us total inner peace.


It is during this season that I would like to personally invite you to give yourself or someone that you care about the beautiful GIFT of an Energy Healing Session or Holistic Treatment.


The investment of either one can help change how you handle stress, or even tap into and clear major attributes that lead to stress.


The Ionic Foot Detox and AromaTouch Massage are amazing tools that assist with this process

Keeping our bodies free of toxins is essential for our light body and energy.


As my Gift to You I am offering a special price on combining the packages together for November and December.


I welcome you to take advantage of this wonderful world of Energy Healing and Holistic Healthcare.


You may choose to purchase a gift certificate for someone special in your life.


Many Blessings and as always it is an honour to serve you from a place of highest heart gratitude.






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Coaching is the most unique, powerful process which enables people to rediscover themselves, draw on their own inner strength and make changes to lead a more productive, peaceful, focused life.

The coaching relationship provides a safe, secure, confidential environment. As your guide, I will encourage you to push your boundaries, re-evaluate your limiting beliefs, conquer that inner gremlin and lift yourself to a higher level of understanding. Our awareness of our purpose and place in life is a powerful key to leading a more tranquil, peaceful existence.

When we know our fundamental core values, and understand ourselves we can identify which areas of our life are being dishonored and readdress the balance.

Stress is caused by imbalance: when we can acknowledge the cause of stress, the relationship between the cause and the outcome can be tended to.




Zenith Omega is a healing technique that uses light colour frequencies and sacred geometry to re-establish the links between body, mind and spirit.

Zenith is designed to clear all blockages that have stored, programmed and encoded within our energy field.

When we clear these fields, the mind begins to see through illusionary issues and stagnant patterns and can then make choices from a more balanced state of being.

Each session is a personalized in-depth experience consisting of 12-15 clearings per session.


The sessions take about one hour to complete.


$90.00 (one hour session)

“The overall experience was wonderful.

Bernadette a true master of her craft not only helped to navigate me to a state that provided clearance of my body, mind and soul, but through her special listening and spiritual guidance, connected with me on a deeper and much more personal level.

Zenith has changed my life so very much I would recommend this with 100% confidence to anyone that is looking to change your confidence from a negative to a positive and to a calmer and freer place overall!”






Reiki is a Japanese holistic light-touched, energy-based modality. Working as a support mechanism to the body, Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ‘ki’ (life force energy) throughout the system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body’s innate healing ability.

Each session is personalized to connect with a person’s individual needs.


The sessions take about one hour to complete.


$90.00 (one hour session)

“Bernadette is an amazing Reiki Practitioner. She is able to bring instant peace, clarity and healing with her intuition and ability to connect with spirit. She offers tailored advice to her clients on how to continue their spiritual healing after the session. A true talent and a lovely soul indeed!”






The Ionic foot soak uses an ‘array’ to transmit a low voltage energy through the relaxing foot bath. This energy pulls negative ions, toxins and heavy metals from the body through the soles of the feet.


This treatment leaves the body with a general sense of wellness that more specifically may include overall increased energy, an enhanced sense of calmness and a clearer thought process.


$45.00 (one hour session)

“Wow, hard to believe just how eye opening my treatment session was!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to experience an overall inner cleansing and I cannot wait until my next detox session with Bernadette”




SPECIAL PACKAGE - $120.00 Combination of an Ionic Foot Detox and your choice of a Reiki treatment or a Zenith treatment


First degree or Level 1

Fee $125*

You will learn:

- The history of Reiki

- Hand positions for self-healing and for giving treatments

- Scanning

- The Reiki ideals


Second degree or Level 2

Fee $150*

You will learn:

-The Reiki 2 symbols and how to use them

- Distant Healing

- Creating and using a Reiki Grid

- Scanning


Third degree or Level 3

Fee $350*

You will learn:

-The three Masters symbols

- The attunement process

- Healing attunements

- Outlines for teaching Reiki


*Fees Include: Manual, Attunements, Practical Experience and Certificate                             **Masters Level also available


All of our products are carefully hand selected, focusing on bringing you the very best clothing, jewelry, and a wide range

of inspirational and spiritual products for inspiring the soul and enlightening the spirit.

Come and experience the care, passion and commitment that only The Bodhi Tree can offer.

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At The Bodhi tree we have over 140 different gemstones that can shift and guide you through your journey. Their quantum energy can assists us with healing in all areas of our life.

Step inside the magic of crystal energy and browse the unique nature of their essence.


Available for in store purchase only.


Tarot readings,

Iris has been reading cards in and around the London area for most of her adult life. Iris has read at The Bodhi Tree in the past and we are thrilled to have her and her guides back for another season of insights, guidance  and messages from loved ones.

Please call 226-377-4164 for appointments

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Past Life & Spiritual Journeys with Allan Green

More dates coming soon.














“Past Life Journeys help you to find out information and clear away blockages that hold you back.  It may come as no surprise to discover this isn't the first time you've been here, each past life has been a stepping stone to the next life.”

Allan Green

Learn more at

Please call 226-377-4164 to book a journey with Allan.

Catherine Green


Catherine  facilitates  Zenith Omega clearings, with over 400 to choose  from  to clear and release any imbalance emotion or disease.  Catherine also offers a 5 in 1 healing energy package which removes blocks, anxieties, stress, grief and past life interference. This amazing spa package will not only leave you feeling renewed and refreshed it will also  up level , bring into balance, wholeness, peace and abundance.

For more information check out Catherine’s website at


Please call 226-377-4164 for appointments





Come and experience first hand, our unique products and services that will enlighten the soul and uplift the spirit!


Bernadette Spiller


The Bodhi Tree

199 Main Street

Port Stanley, Ontario N5L 1H6



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