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What is the Bodhi Tree?

Also known as the tree of enlightenment or tree of life. The history of the Bodhi Tree dates back to more than 2,500 years ago when the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Buddha, left a life of luxury behind to seek enlightenment and the ultimate purpose of life. He sat under a sacred fig tree for 49 days and under that tree he reached the state of “enlightenment” or awakening. That tree that provided him shade and shelter for so many days became known as the Bodhi Tree. According to ancient texts, Buddhists carried branches of the original Bodhi Tree and planted them in various locations. It is believed that any Bodhi Tree in existence around the world is a direct descendant of the one under which the Buddha had meditated.

The Bodhi Tree has many beautiful qualities. The branches that it grows reach into the soil to create new roots forming a new tree. Constantly self-renewing, growing and spreading its energy outwards, sharing itself with the world. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves of the Bodhi Tree are symbolic of love, one of the strongest force we know. It is only through love that we grow in this world whether that is love of ourselves or others. We share love with those around us and in this we evolve, adapt and grow within becoming more enlightened or awakened. Although we strive to reach enlightenment as Buddha once did, this is a very challenging space to find that even the most seasoned Yogis are still trying to obtain. I believe though that pieces of it can be found in everyday life as long as we are true to our inner soul, always accepting growth and evolving, growing and loving ourselves, having empathy and spreading only kindness and love to all other beings. Here is where enlightenment exists.


My Journey so far...

My name is Rachel Furness and I am the founder & owner of The Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio. I discovered Yoga over 15 yrs ago when I was working at an animal shelter in Toronto and suffering from compassion fatigue. I felt drained and lost in my journey of life. Something led me to try Yoga and I began practicing a few days a week. I was really finding an improvement emotionally but unfortunately my world took a turn when I found out I had breast cancer which required immediate surgery, chemo and radiation. My path quickly became about survival but I continued to practice when I could and meditate on a regular basis. I truly believe that without Yoga I would not be where I am today. It helped me so much throughout my treatments both physically and mentally. When life started to look normal again I enrolled in a 200hr Yoga teacher training program. It is hard to believe that was 10 years ago. Over the years Yoga has taken on many forms for me from being a physical trainer to a spiritual healer, it helps me find a peaceful mind and an inner strength I never knew existed. I am an RYT who studied in Toronto at SunYoga Studio under Jasna Rees. I have been leading students through their practice since 2012 and I am able to offer a variety of Yoga styles. I am also a certified Reiki Therapist and am currently studying to obtain my 300hr YTT in order to obtain 500hrs of teacher training. Outside of the studio I love to spend time with my son, enjoy nature, camp, paddleboard and sometimes I attempt to surf!  I am also an avid runner who leads a run group in the area called The Rockstar Road Warriors and I am studying to obtain my run coach certification. I have always been one who follows their heart. I believe that everything, every person, every moment that we experience brings us to the present moment where life exists which is why I know I am exactly where I am meant to be, starting my studio and meeting some of the most beautiful souls I have ever known. The Bodhi Tree is a peaceful, welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable practicing Yoga and safe to allow yourself to be.

The Studio

The Bodhi Tree is an intimate Yoga space made just for you. Our current studio allows for smaller class sizes offering a more specialized and personal Yoga experience. Find some inner peace while breathing through asanas to calm your body and mind. A variety of Yoga sessions are offered which incorporate movement, breath work, stretching and meditation. We are ever evolving with new classes and courses continuously being added. At The Bodhi Tree we believe that Yoga can help awaken your mind, strengthen your body and release your inner soul. Allow yourself to focus on your journey by booking a scheduled session or a private session today.

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